March 10, 2014 1 min to read

Doctor Doctor!!

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So today is the day you found out. You are sick. Really sick. The tests were done a while back, and the reports are in. You got cancer!
Now your Doctor becomes even more important than he was before. He is your lifeline. Your absolute intent is to do everything he says to do, and exactly when he says to do it. Life all of a sudden, looks like a dark, dark tunnel with no light at the end.

Reality is, we all have a condition that is actually worse than that. It’s called ”sin”.

The Bible says that sin separates us from a relationship with a holy God, our Creator, and everyone is affected by it! We can’t get to the wonderful place called Heaven with the SIN condition we have. We are on our way to an eternity without God! YUK! What will we do? Is there a cure?


God in his mercy and grace has a plan to remove the SIN. Because the Bible says ”the wages of sin is death”, God sent his Son Jesus into the world to die in our place on the cross. He poured out his wrath on his own son so that we could be declared ” Not Guilty!” Thank you Lord!

Now, are you cured from this deadly sin disease? What will you do about? Do you qualify? Is it really that easy?

Believe! Repent! and trust in the Lord, and Yes: it really is that easy.

Detailed instructions on how to be declared sin free are in the Bible. Hopefully you are interested in the cure. Follow the steps Genesis through Revelation and enjoy eternal life with God, starting now!