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Ya, I was brought up in a Christian home. A pretty strict Christian home I thought. I still do. My parents raised nine children, and did a very good job of it. Before you know it, I am married and my wife and I have seven children of our own. A good time now, not to be to judgmental of parents that have raised children.

Looking back at my earlier, rebellious, do everything you shouldn’t do, years of marriage, I see now that the Bible verse [You reap what you sow] really was being played out in our family. I was planting my own pleasure, my own evil desires, and it was sprouting in our family. On Prince Edward Island we are famous for growing potatoes, and all of the farmers here that plant potatoes…… they harvest potatoes. It has become quite clear to me that homes where God is not important, reaps children that have no interest in God or His values.


God will eventually deal with every one of His creations. He dealt with me. You want to avoid this if you can. Since God turned my life around by His saving power and grace, I see a wonderful difference in the harvest, that I have sown. Now I am planting goodness,compassion, mercy, righteousness, a Godly lifestyle, and I am committed to being the person He wants me to be. It has shown up in a magnificent way in all of our seven children, and will continue to prevail in all of our Grand-children.


Peter MacDougall

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    Ya boy!