April 11, 2015 1 min to read

Got any splinters?!

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A few days ago, sliding on my hardwood floor I got a splinter in my foot. As the days went by, it was a bit painful when I stepped on it the wrong way. So, finally, I set my foot up on a chair, twisted it around sideways, and then I saw the tiny splinter. A sharp knife out of the cupboard, and a few minutes later, there is was, a juniper splinter! Gone! (it’s a guy thing!) Pretty well instant relief.
I was thinking: In our lives we have (splinters) that keep us from enjoying life to the fullest like God intended. They are things like, lust, habits i.e. drugs, alcohol, lying, manipulation, sexual appetite, thought life, unholy desires, jealousy, rebellion, resentment, ect. Now we can’t get rid of these with a sharp kitchen knife, but there is a way, and when they are gone there is a new freedom to be who God intended us to be; more like Jesus! We all have some of these issues, so if we really love the Lord, why not go to him and say {Examine me, O God, and know my mind. Test me, and know my thoughts. I want to be pleasing to you.}
Peter MacDougall