February 24, 2012 1 min to read

God Answers Prayer

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Last year my wife and I and our two youngest daughters went to a wedding in Nova Scotia Canada. We decided that even though it was late we would make the three hour drive to home. A few folks said to watch out for deer and moose on the roads after dark. I had already been somewhat aware of that problem but thought for sure it was pretty good advice. Being a person that believed in and relied on God regularly I asked God to help me be alert and keep me aware of this situation because it was late and quite dark.
About an hour into the drive I was sure i saw a deer in the corner of my eye beside a guard rail. After this I made sure I stayed alert because we were into deer country.

All was quiet as we drove along. We were about 30 minutes from the bridge to Prince Edward Island when we saw flashing red lights. As we approached we saw a monster moose dead in the middle of the road. I couldn’t believe how big he was. It was hit by a truck and the truck was damaged pretty good but there were no injuries.

After we passed I gave thanks to God for keeping me alert. I had asked my God to keep me safe and He did because He loves me and He hears me and He answers me.
Maybe if I didn’t understand my God enough, didn’t love Him like I do, didn’t trust Him like I do, MAYBE I would have hit that moose with my little Honda. It is a great and wonderful thing to know the creator of this universe and His Son Jesus.

Peter MacDougall

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  • Ken MacDonald March 17, 2014

    Hi Peter, Thanks for sharing your testimony....We had a similar incident happen to us a number of years ago. We were travelling one Sunday evening from my wife's parents to our home, part of our journey was through Highway 7 from Fredericton to Saint John. Most people know this road to have many moose along it. This particular evening my wife was driving and I felt her suddenly brake and almost come to a complete stop. There is the road ahead of us not more that 5 or 6 car lengths stood a big moose. The next day at her work a friend called her and asked if anything had happened to us the night before. My wife asked why she was inquiring. Her friend said that the night before at her church they were getting ready to pray for the prayer requests when some mentioned our names and they felt an urgency to pray for us and sent us some fervent prayer for us. My wife asked her what time that was and was told it was around 7 PM. That was the exact time we came upon the moose standing on the highway. Thank God for people who hear God's voice and know how to pray. It blessed us to know of this happening and it blessed them to know they were being obedient. Keep sharing the gospel in song and word, the world we live in sure needs to hear it. Blessings to you! Ken

  • Steve Kinkead March 7, 2013

    Hey Peter, what a wonderful family picture. Thanks for the testimonial. I really appreciate the since of grace and the spirit of faith that is evident in your life brother. Be blessed and keep on walking in God's love as you continue your effort to put our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ center stage in all that you do and may the warm glow of the Holy Spirit be the lime light on your love for Him and His for you.